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In a building near the edge of town, two men were making a deal. One that mutually benefited them both in various ways. One was a finely dressed aristocrat-looking 19-year-old, with slick brown hair, an artist's cap and a feathered pen in hand. The other was a 29 year old man who seemed to be an albino. His unkempt hair was pure white as well as his skin and his eyes pure pink, though he could see just fine. He was covered in a light blue armor and wore an army helmet of the same color.
"You must be that artisan kid, Orland Redd!" Came the albino's gruff, Irish accented voice, "Ya look more like a dandy than a genius. Any reason you want my services?"
"I prefer to be called 'The Artisan', my good man." Came the response, "And I dress like this for though my talent is in science, my passion lies in art! You, of course, are the famed underworld mercenary, Stone Cold!" 
"Aye, that I am."
"I have called you here because I have a mutually beneficial proposal. You have the perfect skill set to take down a heroine who has been plaguing my family for some time now." He slipped Stone Cold a picture, "She calls herself the Spark Maiden, and that bracelet of hers is quite interesting...control over fire into many uses, but only responding to her will. Of course, the right mercenary may know someone who can make it work..." He mused.
Stone Cold was intrigued and looked at the picture, "My, quite the babe! But this bracelet...are you saying if I kill her, I can keep it?"
"Oh no...see, I am an appreciator of beauty, and wish to incorperate all kinds into my art. I have devised a way to make a living human into a living masterpiece in my gallery, and I have selected this fine specimen to be that masterpiece!"
"You need her alive? That'd cost extra...I'll knock some off for my little prize though!" Grinned Stone.
"Then do we have a deal? You bring me the Spark Maiden, I pay you a handsome sum and her bracelet, I daresay she won't need it anymore. We both get something plus a heroine out of everyone's hair!" 
They shook hands, and the alliance was formed...

Marie Flamendard, aka the Spark Maiden, was going about her Spark Maiden, and at that time it was stopping the cronies of an invading crime lord named Gordon Redd from robbing a bank. She ducked under a swinging punch from one of the remaining 4 of 9, the other 5 now unconcious, and rendered him immobile with a punch to the gut. 
"What are you guys doing! It's only one girl--ooof!" Went their ringleader as he was hit by a fireball. 
"Just one girl who's kicking your ass!" Sparky laughed, taking out with her elbow an attempt to get her from behind. She then noticed the last one grab a bag of money and make a run for it, and as he left the door she was in hot pursuit...

She chased him into a clear street, with noone around he stopped, and she stood tin a triumphant pose, "Surrender now, boy, and I may go easy on you!" 
The man looked around, close to wetting himself, then called out, "I brought her here like you help!!"
Sparky looked confused, until the man hid in a nearby alley where a strange white skinned man emerged.
"What the? Who are you?" She asked.
"Sorry to do this to such a lovely lass, but I'm Stone Cold, hired to take you in to Orson...alive."
"Orson? Orson Redd, Gordon Redd's son?" She asked, "So! They hired a mercenary, well thaty won't be enough! As if I'd go with you!" She charged, wrist blazing.
"I'm not exactly asking..." He grinned intercepting with his gauntleted hand...stopping the blade.
"What?! Impossible!" Sparky gasped.
"I know, right? My armor can stop any attack, and can freeze even fire!" He laughed and Sparky gasped again as her flaming sword turned to ice, traveling down to her wrist until the red gem turned grey. The blade broke off.
"What did you do?!" She demanded, looking at her now unresponsive bracelet in shock.
"I guessed as much...shorted out your little toy! Should be temporary,. but..." He took out a rope with weights on each end, "Should be plenty of time!"
Sparky knew that she couldn't fight now, even if she hit him she'd freeze. She turned to run, but his throw was too quick. 
The rope hit her ankles, tripping her, and before she knew it she was complertely bound before she hi the ground. She struggled to get free, but to no avail as Stone Cold walked up, eying his catch. 
"Let me go! Otherwise, I'll escape an--MMRRRPPPHHHH!" Her threat was interrupted as he stuffed her mouth with a cloth and added a black cleave gag.
"My, you're a talkative one aren't ye?" He grinned, bending down and patting her butt, causing her to blush, "You may have powers to others,  but I'm just perfect for taking you down, lass! Now, let's get you to Orson!" He grinned evilly, slipping a sack fron her head to her ankles and tying it with rope in the middle, "He's got plans for you!" 
He hefted up the captured heroine over his shoulder and went back into the alleyway where his car was waiting.
A story odf :icondeep-world: 's OC, the Spark Maiden, with original villains by me!

[link] Spark Maiden Gallery

[link] Spark Maiden Reference Sheet

[link] Part 2

[link] Part 3

Spark Maiden belongs to :icondeep-world:

Stone Cold and Artisan belong to me
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eagle219406 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016
Nice beginning. The rope with weights on both ends, I believe you're referring to a bolo.
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Frozen fire? Is Sparky gonna get Freeze Dried?
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Uh oh...looks like big trouble for our poor Spark Maiden! :)
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